Himalayan Herbs

The rich bio-diversity of the steamy Terai leaves even the casual observer awestruck. From the sharp whiff of lemon grass to the delicate fragrance of wild jasmine; from a velvety-soft rose petal to the rough texture of weathered bark; from the unruly clumps of towering elephant grass to the leafy shade of luscious mango and litchi trees- when your senses tailspin in a sensory explosion, you know you’ve arrived at Paatlidun. Even in the dead of night, it’s never quiet here: if you listen closely, you’ll hear the low whirr of crickets and cicadas sulking in the bushes and wild mushrooms sprouting on tree stumps.

The lush flora of Kumaon holds secret remedies that have helped sustain life for ages. Himalayan herbs that grow in abundance on these hills have immense restorative healing and medicinal properties. Locals gather these herbs and then prepare tinctures and extracts using age-old recipes. The secrets of the herbs have been handed down over generations and are now universally hailed for their natural goodness.

In Paatlidun itself you’ll find a wealth of valuable herbs growing untended- from Brahmi to Satawar, Bhilmora, Clover and more. Our experienced Naturalists can show you the Himalayan herbs that grow around your cottage in abundance and tell you their various uses.

We support local cottage industries that prepare and package herbal products. At the Lodge's souvenir shop you can choose from a wide selection of organic infusions, spices and honey.

We want you to take home the ancient secrets and treasures of the Himalayas at their unvarnished best.

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