Organic Garden

At Paatlidun we believe in harnessing Nature’s goodness, not just in our surroundings but also in our food. Our vegetable gardens are the handiwork of devoted gardeners. Rows of juicy papaya trees, a patchwork of leafy lettuce heads, succulent tomatoes, glowing radishes and springy spinach are a joy to behold. Naturally, our cooks are passionate about using only the choicest produce and you are dished out elaborate spreads bursting with wholesome goodness.

At Paatlidun you can savour food that is bursting with wholesome goodness. We endeavor to use organic ingredients and encourage you to explore our well-stocked natural pantry. Take a tour with our Naturalists who will invite you to crush fragrant lemon grass between your fingers or feel the juicy burst of a jamun in your mouth.

We have also created the perfect ambience for you to fully enjoy your thoughtfully sourced meal. A huge redbrick fireplace dominates the centre of the dining Area/Risya and it casts a rosy hue in the room when slanting rays of the late afternoon sun sets the red bricks aglow. Huge window frames the grasslands outside, where you can see drongos, shrikes and barbets flitting around.. Feast your senses as you feast on pizzas from the live counter and authentic local delicacies whipped up by our marvelous chef.

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