Kumaon Traditions

In today’s fast paced world and globalization, modern times have taken over many of the traditional attitudes one sported back in the day. Unfortunately, this has been erasing centuries old traditions with no one to pass down to or they die a slow death because many do not try to include them in any whatsoever manner in everyday life.

With this thought in mind, Paatlidun has been active in keeping the local Kumaoni traditions at Corbett alive. A lot of effort and time has been invested in finding the authentic antique kumaoni wood frames to be instilled in our structures which lend great beauty to the property.

To help us keep traditions alive we have managed to give employment to the locals in their very own state than having them leave their families behind and venture out into the metropolitan cities seeking for jobs. The craftsmen have helped build ethnic building in the premises such as our own museum which houses antiques found across Corbett and in other parts of Kumaon. Not only have they included the ancient frames we have found after extensive search, they have also helped us construct in the typically Kumaoni manner. This has lent a rustic beauty. The tiled roofs and the cool rooms could not have been possible without the help of these hard working hands that know their craft well.

The food prepared in our kitchen for you would have the flavour of Kumaon as well, truly blessing you with finger licking moments and satisfying the inner foodie!

Our offerings do not come to a halt here, to give an edge, Paatlidun has a private tea stall wherein you will find yourself sipping on a specially prepared tea and munching on kumaoni snacks while you take in the serene views and calmness of the surrounding.

In our hope to give you a taste of the Kumaoni lifestyle, we have been able to create employment for the locals which we are very proud of and hope it would help us build special moments for yourself!

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