BrahmaKamal, the spa at Paatlidun, believes in pampering your senses-all of them. This elegant yet earthy Spa is the plushest wellness retreat you’ll encounter in the untamed wilds. Inspired by the rare lotus that flowers in the highest Himalyas, it echoes Paatlidun’s philosophy of seamless integration with Nature.

Our nurturing therapies are fraught with ancient knowledge and the goodness of natural ingredients. Elements of the forest like essential oil of lavender, lemon grass, rose oil and ylang ylang are combined with centuries old bodycare rituals to create our signature treatments.

The airy, spacious interiors are flooded with natural light and done up with an earthy aesthetic of bamboo, coir and wood. The understated charm radiates tranquility and well-being. You are greeted with herbal infusions and elixirs, while a unique forest fragrance invites relaxation.

Enveloped in the reassuring stillness of the forest, this is the definitive destination for intensive healing and rejuvenation in an au naturel setting. From hydrating wraps to deep tissue repair, sensuous massages and aromatic scrubs, you can treat yourself to a lavish spread of nourishing treatments. Our gifted healers will slowly knead away the tension in your muscles, and mind, and you will feel your troubles melt away.

If you want to take it easy, simply unwind in the softly lit, steam room. You can even enjoy the sinful indulgence of a private spa session- we will transplant your luxurious cocoon in your cottage suite- beside your rock pool, on the verandah or anywhere you fancy.

Surrender yourself to this slice of decadence in the dense forests- you will spiral into a sensory explosion like never before.

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