RISYA – The Restaurant

Feast your senses as you feast on authentic local delicacies and all-time favourites whipped up by our marvelous chef at Risya. Follow the delicious smell wafting in the air and the restaurant will suddenly pop into view from behind a thicket of tall elephant grass.

A huge redbrick fireplace dominates the centre of Risya and casts the high-ceilinged, cavernous room in a rosy hue; the slanting rays of the late afternoon sun set the red bricks on fire and glance off the polished, wooden rafters. Huge windows frame the grasslands outside where you can see drongos, shrikes and barbets flitting around. They sometimes wander to the weathered deck that surrounds Risya and you can join them for a cup of cappuccino.

CHAKH – The Bar & Lounge

The jungle is always thrilling and when you return from the day’s adventures- bright eyes sparkling in dusty faces, filled with the sights and sounds and wonders of the forest- troop into the Chakh and collapse in the comfy sofas and recliners to catch your breath.

The Chakh at Paatlidun will instantly transport you to the rugged elegance of an old English hunting lodge. It is an inspired take on the traditional Kumaoni recreation spot where hill people gather in the fading, wistful hours of the day to enjoy the comfort of company. Surrounded by plush leather upholstery, gleaming dark wood and sparkling decanters of the finest liquor, the Chakh oozes understated elegance.

BUSH DINNER – At the Campfire

Darkness wraps the Forest in an enchanted beauty- trees are bathed in silvery moonlight, phosphorescent glowworms shine their tiny bundles of light and owls hoot happily, greeting their nocturnal friends that are slowly stirring awake all over the jungle.

It’s hard to wrench yourself away and retire indoors when the night’s adventures are only getting started. At Paatlidun, you don’t have to! Our Bush Dinner invites you to stretch your date with the thrilling outdoors, long after the moon has climbed high up in the sky.

A royal feast awaits you in the open bush under a star-spangled sky. Scrape back benches placed on the leaf strewn forest floor and settle down at a long wooden table for the treat of a lifetime.

DHABA – Chaha Pani

Fancy a cuppa? How about in an enchanted copse of luscious litchi and mango trees lit softly in the green-gold light of sunbeams piercing the leafy canopy? The Dhaba at Paatlidun is nothing like your regular dhaba, though it does serve sweet milky cha. It’s not located on a noisy, dusty highway but on a winding forest path of bluebells and butterflies.

It’s a little wooden stall surrounded by a bench and tree stumps for stools, carpeted with burnished autumn leaves rustling underfoot. It looks deserted but if you return late in the afternoon when the sky is burnt orange and the copse is bathed in a dazzling autumn-golden glow, you’ll be greeted by our beaming dhabawala and the unmistakable aroma of tea leaves boiling in water.

The Dhaba at Paatlidun recreates the roadside and gives you a taste of desi delights with trademark Kumaoni hospitality and a deliciously wild flavor.

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