Climate of Paatlidun

Paatlidun Safari Lodge is situated on the edge of Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand and enjoys a temperate climate. The exotic wildlife in the reserve is well adapted to changing weather conditions and sightings are common round the year.

In the grasslands of the Terai, summer is hot and dry and temperatures often soar to 40 degrees Celsius. Summer season starts in March and lasts till June; this is an ideal time for spotting wild cats during daytime because that’s when they go to watering holes to quench their thirst.

The onset of the monsoon in mid-June transforms Paatlidun into a truly picturesque destination. During monsoon the park is closed for tourists because it’s the mating season for animals. Moreover, heavy rains give rise to seasonal streams and swollen rivers make it risky to venture inside the Park.

However, that’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy monsoons in the Terai. Curl up in the plush comfort of your private cottage as it rains a thunderstorm outside. With the first rains, breathe in the heady petrichor and watch the dust being washed off the leaves after a scorching summer. The Park opens for visitors again in October, once the rains have passed.

Winter brings its own charm of elephant rides through foggy, shadowy, tall grass, with the backdrop of hazy purple hills hulking in the distance. Hiking and trekking during winter is always a memorable experience, but don’t forget to pack that favourite windcheater of yours!

At Paatlidun you can experience the beauty of the Terai in all its seasons, and in every shade and mood. Visit us anytime during the year and we’ll make sure you return home with a bagful of cherished memories.

Summer March - July 22 °C - 38 °C
Winter October - February 4 °C - 17 °C
Monsoon July - September 24 °C - 36 °C

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