Wildlife at Jim Corbett

At Paatlidun Luxury Safari Lodge nature and wildlife reign supreme. When you roam the untouched, wild spaces on our grounds it feels as if you’re in the Jungle.Paatlidun, Wildlife resorts in Jim Corbett is located on the edge of the Corbett Tiger Reserve and is frequently visited by tuskers at night and wild boars who like to dig up the grounds. You might not be too keen to meet them alone, but the expert Naturalists will introduce you to our furried friends and whiskered neighbours. They will show you how to track animals by scouting for clues like pug marks, markings on tree-trunks, a telltale twig or a trampled bush.

Your eyes will quickly get accustomed to the forest habitat on the property and all kinds of animals and birds will magically start popping up in front of your eyes. Squirrels dart around the mango grove, cicadas hum in the bushes, peacocks fly low over treetops and an owl’s large eyes follow you closely as you walk past.

The property shares a boundary with the Tiger Reserve but no fence or artificial barrier separates the two. Skip across a narrow nullah and you’re in the Protected Forest zone. Often deer and the occasional antelope will jump over and wander to your private poolside backyard, poke their heads through the bamboo fence and stare at you while you take a shower. You might meet a porcupine bristling with its quills in your front courtyard. A peacock might treat you to a rain dance as you enjoy breakfast at Risya, the restaurant. The wild charm of Paatlidun makes everyone feel at home; you can rest assured that you’ll never be short of good company here.

Wildlife Resorts at Jim Corbett

Wildlife enthusiasts, tourists, photographers, adventurers and many more flock to Jim Corbett National Park to observe wildlife in its natural habitat. Named after the famous British conservationist who lived and worked here, Jim Corbett, the open grasslands of the National Park are teeming with wildlife.

On safari you pass herds of deer, majestic elephants, monkeys swinging from treetops, the unusual serpent Eagle and occasionally, if you are lucky, the phantom cat with yellow eyes that the Park is best known for. Corbett, indeed, is the definitive destination to spot the Royal Bengal Tiger and as of 2015 it was home to an estimated 16 tigers. It’s a thrilling experience to scour the jungle in search of the exotic beast that moves stealthily in the tall grasses.

Other than the big cat here you will also see many fascinating animals like the slinky leopard, fishing cat, crafty red fox, black bear, the adorable mongoose and perhaps even the startled looking Indian Porcupine.

The Park covers an area of 54 sk km and is spread over terrain as varied as hill ranges, marshes, river systems and flat plains. This rich eco-system is a hotbed of biodiversity where exotic flora and fauna flourishes.

From dawn till dusk the Jungle is alive with fascinating sights and sounds. You can hear the frenzied call of the monkeys warning the deer of a predator scouting for prey; raucous birdsong of invisible birds hidden in thick foliage; and the piercing call of a peacock on a hot, still afternoon. More activity is seen at watering holes, where animals gather to slake their thirst.

A tryst with Jim Corbett National Park will awaken you to the wonders of the natural world and renew your appreciation for Nature in its raw beauty. If nothing else, it will surely make for a memorable holiday that you will cherish for many days to come. What’s more, your camera will be filled with gorgeous photographs that you can share with everyone back home and tell them tales of the untamed wild.

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