Visit a hilly Hamlet

Tucked deep in the woods, about 22 kms uphill from Ramgarh, is the quaint and quiet village of Bhakrakot. Hidden high up in the Shivaliks, this is a world removed from the dust and noise of the plains below. A magical forest path winds its way through scented forests of Sal and roars up a thrilling mountain stretch at a 45-degree incline, to bring you to this enchanted little village.

paatlidun is located at one end of this picturesque village, sharing its boundary with the Corbett Tiger Reserve, which accounts for the rich wildlife, flora and fauna in the property.

The village is a 15-minute walk from paatlidun and on its higher reaches you can see traditional Kumaoni homes scattered on the hill slopes. The traditional mud and brick walls, wood-work and trademark black slate roof inspired from these houses will make you feel right at home in the cottage-suites of paatlidun.

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