Nature Walk

At Paatlidun, we want you to experience Corbett to the fullest and what better way to do this than by exploring the jungle on foot? Our Nature Walks are led by experienced Naturalists and give you a taste of all the thrilling adventures the Forest has to offer.

Paatlidun is located on the periphery of Corbett Tiger Reserve and is separated from it by a lone, narrow nullah. So skip across and allow yourself to be whisked away on the wings of adventure.

The carefully curated, 3 hour Nature Walk takes you on a hike through thick jungle undergrowth, past icy-cold, gurgling brooks and under dangling creepers and vines. Sunlight is unable to penetrate the dense forest canopy and it’s an ethereal feeling to walk through the forest glowing in a soft green light. You can run through burnished autumn leaves in woods of Sal trees that grow straight and tall, beautifully arranged on the gentle slopes of the Shivaliks. Pause for a heartbeat to breathe in the heavy forest perfume, examine furry insects, then ford streams on stepping-stones and catch your breath in a shady copse.

Our homegrown Naturalists are a storehouse of information about this Jungle and its secrets and you can mine them for fascinating tales and trivia about the forest and its creatures. They can show you how to tell edible berries from poisonous ones, what are the telltale signs that a tree is rotten and how to determine which direction a herd of elephants went by examining their dung.

After a walk in the Forest with our expert Naturalists, you’ll no longer marvel in wonder at their eagle eye; instead, you’ll learn to slow yourself down and tune into the rhythm of the forest that beats within you- primal and ancient.

The walk is so exciting and there’s so much to see and do that you’ll be amazed at how time flies; you’ll have to check your watch to confirm that 3 hours have passed in what felt like just 10 minutes.

This brisk early morning activity is extremely refreshing and an excellent way to recharge your batteries in Nature. It will make you sleep like a baby at the end of the day and you are guaranteed to return feeling energized and exhilarated.

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