My experience at Paatlidun!

9 April

After crossing the gate way (Ramnagar) to Jim Corbett Park, you will feel as if you are in an ordinary destination where resorts/hotels are lined up in a row and place is swarmed up with people. But if you travel further up, through the steep hills, you will find yourself away from the horde, in an astounding property situated amidst lush greenery in the foothills of Himalaya. Even traveling to the resort will give you rush. Take a deep breath and hold on tight as Paatlidun’s 4by4 jeep takes you through precipitous narrow roads with one side base of mountains with huge rocks and other side intimidating valley. If you are lucky enough, a wild animal might greet you on your way.

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A Day at Paatlidun!

16 April

We were welcomed by Arya a naturalist who works there.. He told us we arent there yet and that we had to hop on the beautifully modified scorpio jeep...there we were holding our breathe through the steep untouched path towards the main lodge...what an experience so close to nature in the wild!!! Paatlidun is a bit far and secluded from the rest of the hotels n cottages which makes the whole experience beter and provides privacy to the visitors.

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