A Day At Paatlidun

9 April

We left a bit late from Delhi in order to unwind over the weekend and reached in the night at around 10:30PM. It was a beautiful drive all through to when we finally reached paatlidun entrance and just when we finally thought we are there!! We realised it had just started!

We were welcomed by Arya a naturalist who works there.. He told us we arent there yet and that we had to hop on the beautifully modified scorpio jeep...there we were holding our breathe through the steep untouched path towards the main lodge...what an experience so close to nature in the wild!!! Paatlidun is a bit far and secluded from the rest of the hotels n cottages which makes the whole experience beter and provides privacy to the visitors.

On finally reaching the cottage we couldnt believe our eyes.. We were admist a dense forest where we hardly could see any other hotel or cottage ! Twas like we are out in the wild camping or something..we could here the beautiful sounds of nature and its inahbitants all through...on reaching our cottafe guided by the naturalist we were amazed to see the cottage so tastlfully done that too right in the middle of nowhere....there was a skybed and a beautiful private outdoor setup! The sky was so clear and beautiful !! No TV and wifi made our stay better as we could relax and enjoi forest to the fullest!! The chef was great!! He also was kind enough to write down and share his pickle recepie with me.

They have a very cute setup replicating the village feel named Chaah Paani!! They serve chai made in traditional style with snacks so yummy! Their mini aloo patty was something I really enjoyed!!❤️❤️

The next day we enjoyed an amazing documentry on tigers ; Broken Trail in the lounge area!! Wonderful expereince!!

All together an amazing hideaway !!! So away from the rushy city !! We were breathing in fresh air and were in the middle of nowhere!!! amazing hospitality!! Warm people!!

Must visit!!!

Shivali S Upadhyay & Priyank Upadhyay Advocates Delhi/Noida/Bhopal

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