My experience at Paatlidun!

9 April

After crossing the gate way (Ramnagar) to Jim Corbett Park, you will feel as if you are in an ordinary destination where resorts/hotels are lined up in a row and place is swarmed up with people. But if you travel further up, through the steep hills, you will find yourself away from the horde, in an astounding property situated amidst lush greenery in the foothills of Himalaya. Even traveling to the resort will give you rush. Take a deep breath and hold on tight as Paatlidun’s 4by4 jeep takes you through precipitous narrow roads with one side base of mountains with huge rocks and other side intimidating valley. If you are lucky enough, a wild animal might greet you on your way. While entering Paatlidun safari lodge, first thing you will notice is the idiosyncratic structure and ethereal design of the common area. Spread across 12 acres, Paatlidun has 12 cottages which the creators of the property have designed using different techniques of flooring, wall design, interior decoration, and roofing.

The creators of the property traveled across the length and breadth of Indian terra firma to hand pick techniques. All the 12 cottages are made with the amalgamation of these techniques only. With Kerala’s traditional Red Oxide flooring done in the cottages, the floors exhibit velvety gloss texture and embodies energy. This technique required not only lots of egg whites but also great craftsmanship. The texture of the wall is given using Chinese machine to make it appear rustic and ethnic -exactly like walls of a house made plastered with hands. The walls are like tribute to indigenous people who plaster the walls of their homes with hands and still manage to make it beautiful. Even the roof of the cottages is archetype of the roofs of indigenous kumon houses. It is made with stone slates which are fetched from big rocks by men. Unfortunately, this magnificent art of fetching stones which requires a lot of hard work and finesse has lost its relevance in the present time. Paatlidun has incorporated it while designing the property to keep the glorious tradition of the region alive. Every corners and part of the property has essence of tradition. In the interior part of the roofs, wooden slates are placed in such a way that in case of a natural calamity like earthquake, they won’t fall down instead they slide down thus causing minimum damage. It is overwhelming to realize that so much thought has been put into the construction of the property. Clearly this place is not made with stones and cement only; the makers have poured their heart and soul in its construction. Even the interior decoration compliments the architectural design phenomenally. Authentic and rare pieces of furniture, carvings and Made with amalgamation of different techniques of different regions, the place are epitome of mixed traditions.

Paatlidun has more to it than just magnificent architecture and design, its location makes it paradise for nature lovers. Paatlidun doesn’t just offer a stay in the wilderness; it desires that you experience the wilderness. Nestled in the foothills of Himalayas, it is enveloped by misty mountains, rich flora and diverse fauna. Jim Corbett national park is blessed with rich flora and fauna. However, if you wish to embrace the nature, there are very few resorts in Corbett that can proffer that. At Paatlidun even while resting in the common deck area, you can admire surreal beauty of the surrounding. You can enjoy the lush greenery and picturesque view of clouds resting on the mountains peak. All day round you can witness different types of birds visiting the resort. However, mornings are the best time to see birds because you can feel their energy as they start off their day. Lots of birds visit the premise daily; Paatlidun’s naturalist will educate you about these birds as he will not only share their names but also inform you about their actions and its meaning. Naturalist will also take you on the nature walk so you closely see the flora, wild plants, butterflies etc. Since cottages are spread across vast land, it is visited by wild animals as well. You can easily see languors and dears in the vicinity. Also, wild elephants can be spotted easily because they feed on leafs of Rohini tree which is found in abundance in Paatlidun.

Paatlidun is an amazing place if you are looking for a sumptuous romantic getaway. Spread across 12 acres, each cottage has upmost privacy and lavishing amenities. You can enjoy the private pool in your cottage. In the day you can also plan romantic excursions and travel to various hill stops to enjoy tremendous vista of distant mountains, ceaseless sky and serene kosi river. At night you can lay on the sky bed, gazing up the dark sky embellished with twinkling stars.

In our mundane lives, we barely have time to think about how other people are leading their lives. On your stay at Paatlidun, naturalist will take you on village walk so that you discern how these people carry out their daily life- the chorus they run, the life they lead and the way they live. On the village walk, feel the warmth of the indigenous people as they serve you hot tea and share their stories. Imagine the thrill you will feel, when you are listening to a story about leopard and suddenly there is swift perturbation amongst birds and languor in the forest and you are informed that this disturbance indicates the presence of leopard in the vicinity. Clearly the place is surrounded by uncertainty. The silent but dangerous beauty of the wilderness can surprise you anytime.

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