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Wild Life At Corbett

Tourists, Wildlife enthusiast, photographers, adventure seeking souls and many more flock Corbett with dreams of witnessing the wildlife in their natural habitat. Jim Corbett, being a national park of such high importance seeks for the wildlife to enjoy this haven. It wants to protect these beautiful creatures of the nature who do not deserve to killed for selfish reasons and at the same time it would like people to see the wildlife strive before their very own eyes. The Flora and Fauna at Corbett is extremely diverse. While driving up to Patlidun you may get a generous view of the unparalleled rustic beauty amped by the occasional antelope or the deer who enjoy a significant population.

While the ground has the deer strolling, the trees have the playful monkeys swinging. Observing every passerby with mischief in their eyes. Your safari in Corbett would take an exciting turn when you get to witness exotic animals like the Royal Bengal Tiger, which has pinned the national park on the global map. The majestic elephant roams the land too, leaving its foot marks behind to be marveled.

Corbett also has many other notable animals such as Leopards, Fishing Cat, Red Fox, Black Bear and the adorable looking Mongoose or even the interesting looking Indian Porcupine.

To add to the list, mammals are not the only wildlife to spot but also reptiles which flourishes along the Ramganga River or the lake inside the Crobett National Park. The park provides an ideal habitat for both the Gharial- a fish eating crocodile and the Mugger which is a marsh crocodile. We even boast of the wise turtles.

The wildlife would have you admire that life in whichever form, be it in animal or human, is a special boon, which should be cherished. One thing is guaranteed, your camera would be filled with photographs that would make sharing them with everyone back home an enviable experience, beckoning them too, to visit us in the coming future.