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Savor Organic Food

At Paatlidun we believe that nature is the fuel for the soul so we aim at bring you nature at its best. Even the food that we serve brings you closer to nature as we use organic vegetables, grown in our own farm, while cooking all of our cuisines.

In our endeavor, the traditional techniques of organic farming of indigenous people helped a lot.  With the use of manure and organic fertilizers, organic food is grown in the in-house farm which is situated amidst the wilderness.

At Paatlidun we harness Nature’s goodness, not only in our surroundings but also in the food we serve. We bring you closer to Nature by using only fresh, organic produce grown by us. Naturally, our cooks are passionate about using the choicest ingredients and you are dished out elaborate spreads bursting with wholesome goodness.

All ingredients are sourced from our farm where we employ traditional techniques of organic farming developed by indigenous Kumaoni farmers.  We grow our food using manure and organic fertilizers. The quality of naturally produced, fresh food is far superior to its non-organic counterpart.  Moreover, organic fruits, vegetables and grains are rich in antioxidants since they are not stripped of their nutritional value by chemicals.

Our vegetable gardens are the pride of our team of devoted gardeners. Rows of juicy papaya trees, a patchwork of leafy lettuce heads, succulent tomatoes, glowing radishes and springy spinach are a joy to behold.

Take a tour with our Naturalists to explore our well-stocked natural pantry that is spread all over the Resort. You can crush fragrant lemon grass between your fingers or feel the juicy burst of a jamun in your mouth. Pick some blueberries and mangoes for dessert at night.

At Paatlidun you can savour food that is bursting with wholesome goodness. You will notice that the food has a subtly different and signature taste. The absence of chemical fertilizers gives food in Paatlidun its exquisite aroma, taste and texture.

We prepare a broad range of cuisines using organic produce that are not only light and refreshing but utterly delicious too. You can enjoy authentic Kumaoni delicacies or pizzas from the live counter whipped up by our marvelous chef.

Our organic food lets you savour nature in a whole new way as we take care of your health and pamper your taste buds.

The quality of naturally produced, fresh food is incommensurable with its non-organic counterpart.  Also, organic Vegetables, fruits and grains are rich on antioxidants as no synthetic chemicals are there to undermine the nutritional value of the food.

With bona fide health benefits, organic food also has pleasantly different and superior taste.  It defies the conception that something which is healthy cannot be delicious. In fact, since chemical fertilizers are not used, the food produced has exquisite aroma, texture and taste. So the divergent Cuisines that we prepare/cook using organic vegetables are not only light and refreshing but utterly delicious too.

On your trip to Paatlidun, Savor delicious delicacies prepared using fresh Organic vegetables and experience nature in a whole new way as we take care of your health and pamper your taste buds.