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When many are quizzed about what they would want to come back to Earth as, in their next life? Majority feel it would be a blessing to be a bird with wings that helps you soar high into the sky, offering you the views of the ground below. Yes, many of us may not be lucky enough to be a beautiful bird in this birth but that does not mean that we do not enjoy having them around!

As mentioned in our ‘About’ section, Corbett which is rated amongst one of the finest national parks in the country, enjoys a population of 580 different species of birds all year around, which is one of the richest in the country!

The Jim Corbett National Park has a staggering variety of bird species – about 580 out of an approximate 1200 found in India. Out of this, Paatlidun Wildlife Resort is home to an impressive 200 bird species.

You won’t have to go too far or look too hard to spot a feathered friend in this Luxury Wildlife Resort. Here you can meet Black-necked Storks, Grey Herons, cheerful Parakeets and Grayla Geese, all on your walk to breakfast.

The endless rolling hills and babbling brooks within the property are a haven for rare and beautiful birds. Even if you can’t always see them, you can hear their constant chirruping right from the crack of dawn till the sun goes down.

Our team of eagle-eyed Naturalists will show you hidden roosting places, point out newly constructed nests and even introduce you to some friendly birds.  They will help you to identify different birds by their calls, unique markings, peculiar behavior and habitat.

The unique ecosystem in Paatlidun is a hotbed of bio-diversity; birds in particular thrive in the lush green cover and peaceful environment. For some of you this is a chance to acquaint yourself with bird species that you would have probably never seen before in cities. Every morning you’ll be woken up with sonorous birdsong and the rat-tat-tat of a woodpecker on your window.

When you’re soaking in your plunge pool, curious mynahs will hop up to inspect you. They might even let you feed them from your hand. Occasionally a hot still afternoon will be interrupted by a loud squawk and every now and then a flock of parrots will shoot out of the tree-tops, circle overhead and then come down to roost again.

The easiest way to spot birds on the property is to head for the fruit trees. They are abuzz with the swish and flick of dazzling wings and colourful plumes. You might spot a blue-throated Barbet in the mango tree grove. It’s a good idea to always keep a pair of binoculars handy. For all you know a peacock may decide to suddenly take flight as you step onto your private verandah.

In Paatlidun some activity will always be happening in a flash of brilliant colours. So find yourself a quiet spot and examine at leisure the delicate colourings, fluffy downs and shapely beaks of these winged wonders.